That is SO something my dog would totally do…


At one point I was married to a lady who had almost a dozen dogs.  Well, technically they weren’t all hers, but she was the reason they were there.  Plus I had a dog when we got married, and she went out and bought a show dog for my oldest boy, who was all of 10 at the time.  Like a 10-year-old is going to be able to take care of a show dog.  Well, a normal 10-year-old, maybe, but…

Anyway, everybody but the show dog lived outside in the kennel, which consisted of about a half-acre fenced yard and several dog houses.  My dog, a female, pretty much led the pack, being older, wiser, and a bit of a trickster.  But although she was pretty smart (I am NOT going to say “for a dog”!), I could never make her stop digging holes in the yard.  She just knew there must be buried treasure under there somewhere, and she’d be rich if only she dug enough holes.

One day I was sitting in my living room, watching the dogs play outside my picture window.  The sun was reflecting off the glass, so they couldn’t see me.  At one point ‘Cresia walked away from the other dogs and started scratching at the ground.  She’d scratch in one place, smell the dirt, then move on and scratch in another.  When she found what she was searching for, she was right in front of me. She held her head up, looked around, saw that the other dogs were busy, and scratched a little more. Sniff, sniff…yep, this was the spot.  She scratched a little deeper.  Sniff, sniff…Oh that smelled good!  Soon she was digging with both front feet for all she was worth.  One by one, the other dogs noticed what she was doing and came over to join her.  They must have thought it smelled great, because dirt started flying everywhere.

Inside of five minutes there was a hole you could have buried a VW Bug in.  Of the dogs all your could see were their tails and hind legs at the top of the crater.  The rest of their bodies were down in the hole, shoveling like mad.

Suddenly I saw Cresia’s head shoot straight up out of hole like she’d heard something.  Slowly she looked back down in the hole, then she turned her head and looked over first one shoulder, then another.  Eyes wide, she began backing out of the hole.  Once her front legs cleared the dirt pile at the edge, she turned and slunk away towards the dog houses.  About halfway there, she stopped, looked all around, and then, brass as you could be, stepped jauntily over to her house, where she lay for the next several minutes.  I swear she was smiling.  She certainly stayed where she was and tried to look innocent when I came out and chastised the dogs for digging, again.

I didn’t say anything to her.  I figured that if she’d learned the primary lesson of life (when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging), then that was a lot to ask of anyone, much less a dog.  Or maybe she was just learning the importance of being sneaky.  Either way, at least she was learning something, and that’s more than most humans seem to do…


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