Magical thinking…

Bears believe in magic.  They have to.  They don’t have any control over their environment.  You see, bears are “technophobes”.  They live a natural life.  Bears eat when they’re hungry (providing they can find food), sleep when they’re tired, and keep a wary eye out for hunters.  They breed when the season says to breed, they hibernate when the season says to hibernate.  And they fatten up both before hibernation and after, because there’s lots of food to eat at those times.

They don’t worry about Weight-Watchers or Adkins or Slim-Fast.  They also don’t create art — at least not in the way humans would recognize art.  They’re just bears, and having no control over their environment, they believe it all must be magic.  They have to.  Otherwise, they’d start looking to see what was messing up the seasons, what was messing up the Arctic ice, what was causing their habitat to go away.  And they’d do something about it, unless it was magic.

You’d better hope they keep believing in magic, because you don’t want an 800-pound grizzly knocking on your door and asking you why you destroyed their home.  If it comes to that, they won’t ask politely…



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