I couldn’t help laughing my ass off…


This isn’t actually a political blog, but I like to share things that make me laugh, and man did this ever.  It seems that two Second Amendment Hero wannabes called for a mass showing of guns at Carytown, Virginia for Independence Day.  They did a direct Facebook invite of 300 people and expected each of those to invite more.  They planned for thousands to march in their “open carry” parade.  The parade was held on schedule, and both of the organizers were at the head of all the…two people who showed up.  Not two more, just Jason Spitzer and his co-organizer.

Just thinking about it makes me start to laugh again.  Wish I’d been there, it must have been quite a sight.  Hope the Carytown police were out in force to keep the peace!

I’m sorry, but I can’t go on.  I keep falling out of my chair just writing about it…




One thought on “I couldn’t help laughing my ass off…

  1. Love it! Love the tumbleweed photo with the original story. Kind of like crickets, only quieter. Hilarious. Okay, I’m enjoying this way too much …

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