The dark side of Uranus…

ThinkeringI was sitting in my bath last night, just thinkerin’ about words and how we use them to communicate.  Sometimes.  Sometimes we use them to obscure what we’re really thinking.  (Politicians are particularly good at that.)  And sometimes we just use them for the hell of it.  More often than not, we don’t actually know what the hell we’re talking about.  Personally, I prefer to take Humpty Dumpty’s approach from “Through the Looking Glass”.  I like words to mean whatever I say they mean.

The same can go for pronunciation as well.  For example, because I was tutored in an American public school, I can’t see the name of the Greek Sky God (after which the seventh planet was named) without snickering.  However, I heard a Greek pronounce the word the other day and got a lesson I should have learned in the third grade: the entire world does not speak “American”.  That is, some cultures pronounce their vowels and consonants  differently.  On vowels, most (including Greece) seem to follow the Latin rule: A is pronounced ‘ah‘, E sounds like the letter A, I sounds like the letter E, O sounds like ‘oh‘, and U is ‘oo‘ (as in boo, goo, or ooze).  That means that the name of the seventh planet should be said like this: oo-ron-oose (where ‘ron’ rhymes with Don, and ‘oose’ sounds like goose)Not snicker-worthy at all, actually.  And the minute I grow up a little bit more, I’ll stop calling it ‘Your Anus’ just to get a cheap laugh.

On the hand, a cheap laugh is better than none, I always say…



2 thoughts on “The dark side of Uranus…

  1. I’ve heard two American pronunciations, and neither is great. “Your anus” is the most common, and I hate it. “Urine us” isn’t much better.

    • I’ve heard “Urine us”, but only from people trying really, really hard not to say “Your anus”, not from people who know what they’re actually talking about.

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