Fat Little Louie…

Thinking about Jonathan Winters reminded me of his battle with his bulge.  Winters was a perfectionist and worried about every detail of his public image.  When he got a chance to be one of the stars in “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”, he fretted so much that he couldn’t eat.  They said he lost so much weight while filming that he looked physically different in every scene.  Apparently they had to redo all his scenes seven times.  Maybe that’s my problem.  I need to star in a movie!

Of course any memory of comics and weight just has to include Louie Anderson.  He hit the comedy scene in the 80s.  For awhile he was the king.  Talk shows, his own cartoon show, Vegas — he did it all.  Although his act didn’t center around his size, he made being fat less of a public shame and more of just another chance to be funny.  His tales of his childhood mingled with his stories about daily life and helped you relate.

You might not see him of TV very much anymore, but he’s still out there, generating laughter for anyone who’ll listen…


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