Southern thinkering…

ThinkeringWhat is it about a Southern accent that makes you want to take off 100 IQ points when you hear it?  You can’t blame “Deliverance” because the prejudice was around a long time before the movie was made.  You’d think that since I was raised in the south, I wouldn’t have that particular problem, but if anything, I’m worse than a Yankee about it.  I feel personally embarrassed whenever some news program comes on and they’re interviewing some guy wearing a gimme cap and missing his front teeth.

“Well, me and Bubba we seen it and dunt let nobody tell you dif’ernt.  It were rite dare in the pasture and covered with bright lites and making a roarin’ sound that got our cows all riled up so we dun shot it.  We figgered it was some kinder U.F.O. come to have sex with our cows or sump’n.  How’d we be s’pected to know it was a bunch of drunk hunters out spotlitin’?  They shudda stayed ‘way from Bessy — she ain’t stump broke, ya no…”

Lord have mercy on us all if this is the best the aliens can abduct.  It’s no wonder bigfoot refuses to be seen with humans in daylight…


2 thoughts on “Southern thinkering…

  1. Having been teased in the past about my somewhat Okie (kinda Southern) accent, I’m rather sensitive about it. Primarily because, as you note, people tend to think you’re less educated and/or intelligent. And dammit, I’m not. But one whiff of that accent, and everything else goes out the window.

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