Daddy Bear


I have had it.  I’m old and my feet hurt.  I’m sick and tired of feeling like I’m a stranger from another world.  This one no longer makes any sense to me.  I’m incredibly embarrassed by most of the bears I meet.  I mean, they’re either sad copies of Yogi Bear, or sadder copies of Ram-Boo-Boo.  And kids these days?  Don’t get me started!

But that doesn’t hold a candlestick to how much people embarrass me.  I mean, come on — you’re supposed to be the ones with the brains!  Is this really the best you can do?


6 thoughts on “Daddy Bear

        • I’m a very old man from the old school, so I don’t believe women rant. That would be so…unseemly. You know, like they say women don’t sweat, they glisten? There should be a saying that goes: Women don’t rant, they….hmmmm…maybe this should be a contest on the web. “Finish this nonsimilitude and win a thousand internet likes!”

          Anyway, you don’t rant, you simply postulate at maximum volume for effect.

          Hey! Did I win?

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