Momma Bear

mama-grizzleyShe Who Must Be Obeyed is an angel and the light of my life and I hardly ever want to kill her.  Which she, being an honest soul, can’t say about me right now.  Apparently this is one of ‘those days.’

In my defense, I’m a guy.  I realize that I’m prone to do guy things, and often even think like a guy.  I occasionally may even be selfish and/or thoughtless towards the other person who lives here and has every right to expect better treatment than she gets.  Apparently I do that on days that end in “y”.

Given all that…now what the heck was I talking about?  Hmmmm…Did you ever go into a room and realize you’ve forgotten why you thought it necessary to go into that room?  Trust me, that’ll happen more times than you want to think about by the time you get to be my age.  I remember once…

Okay, maybe I can’t remember exactly what it was I did, but I’m really and truly sorry I did it.  I’ve learned my lesson and I will try to do better.  Now will you unlock the door and let me back inside?  It’s raining out here!

Could you at least throw me my pants?  The neighbors are laughing.  No?  Then how about my shoes?  My feet hurt, you know..


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